OnlyFans Restricted Words | A Massive List of 180+ Banned Words on OnlyFans

OnlyFans Restricted Words | A Massive List of 180+ Banned Words on OnlyFans

We have compiled a massive list of restricted words or words that are banned or censored on OnlyFans. Learn in this guide.

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OnlyFans is an amazing platform where you can make money as an adult content creator, but they have some policies that you must have to comply and one of them is Using restricted words on OnlyFans posts and in messages.

Did you believe that OnlyFans was an oyster in which you could do whatever you wanted? If yes, you need to stop and rethink. Like any other credible content monetization platform, OnlyFans has its own Terms of Service (ToS) that every buyer and seller on the website must follow.

As OnlyFans keeps evolving with time, its privacy policies are being upgraded by the platform managers and moderators in order to mitigate the risks of illegal or violent behavior onsite. In light of this, OnlyFans has prohibited using certain words on the platform to avoid potentially dangerous discussions. 

restricted words on OnlyFans or words that are banned on OnlyFans

To continue using the platform, OnlyFans creators must abide by its linguistic rules. In this blog, we have shared a massive and updated list of OnlyFans-restricted words. So, without further ado, scroll down and save the list for future help. 

The Significance of Following OnlyFans Terms of Service

Were you considering OnlyFans as a regular porn site where you can post, publish, and sell anything? If yes, you need to rethink. Regardless of the nature of the content shared on OnlyFans, it has ranked as one of the most legitimate adult websites due to its strict privacy policies. OnlyFans' content, conversations, and captions get monitored, and any violation may result in the suspension of your account. 

Therefore, in order to earn money as an OnlyFans content creator, you must abide by its terms of service. The platform takes its privacy policies and content moderation very seriously, and anything that violates them can get flagged soon after being identified. OnlyFans was previously targeted by various campaigns alleging that the website violated content monetization laws. The situation turned so bad that the platform decided to ban the buying and selling of adult content onsite. 

Considering these factors, OnlyFans has updated its privacy policies and restricted the use of certain words and the posting of some niches to ensure a safe onsite experience. 

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What are OnlyFans Restricted Words?

OnlyFans restricted words, as the name implies, are sensitive words not permitted to be used in your OnlyFans bio section, captions, or private chats. The platform has limited or prohibited the use of these words in order to maintain website safety standards and avoid legal ramifications. When you read the list of OnlyFans restricted words, you will quickly realize how sensitive they are and why they are prohibited. 

For example, OnlyFans users cannot use words like abduction, incest, inbreed, rape, kidnapping, etc. When you read these words, you will immediately realize what kind of serious discussions may contain this vocabulary. Therefore, banning these words is an OnlyFans way of ensuring your security. 

However, OnlyFans may occasionally surprise you by restricting common language words such as fifteen, young, or showers, leaving you wondering why they were banned. 

Is it Important to Avoid Using Restricted Words on OnlyFans?

Yes, of course. Provided that OnlyFans has banned the usage of certain words for the security of all users, they must follow it. As a digital content creator, you must prioritize learning the privacy policies, terms of service, and guidelines of any platform you have chosen to monetize your content.

Although OnlyFans has not published an official list of banned words, you can leverage various online resources to get informed. Remember that the platform has implemented these safeguards for user safety, and any violation can result in a permanent ban.

The Most Updated and Massive Collection of OnlyFans Restricted Words

We understand that you hardly manage the limited time from your busy schedule to attend OnlyFans, and learning about the website’s restricted words may sound like an extra hustle. As a result, we did the legwork for you by compiling the most recent and up-to-date list of banned words on 

Below is the ultimate list of restricted/banned/flagged words on OnlyFans:

  1. Abduction
  2. Abduct
  3. Abducting
  4. Abducted
  5. Animal
  6. Admireme
  7. Asphyxiation
  8. Asphyxiated
  9. Asphyxiate
  10. Asphyxiating
  11. Ballbusting
  12. Bait
  13. Bareback
  14. Blackmail
  15. Beastiality
  16. Bleeding
  17. Blood
  18. Bloodplay
  19. Blooded
  20. Blacked
  21. Bukkake
  22. Bestaility
  23. Canned
  24. Canning
  25. CBT
  26. Cashapp
  27. Cannibal
  28. Cervix
  29. Cervicks
  30. Comatose
  31. Coma
  32. Child
  33. Chocked
  34. Choke
  35. Choking
  36. Chokes
  37. Chloroform
  38. Chloroformed
  39. Chloroforming
  40. Cycle
  41. CP
  42. Consent
  43. Drink
  44. Drinking
  45. Drunken
  46. Drunk
  47. Diapers
  48. Doze
  49. Dog
  50. Eleven
  51. Entrance
  52. Escort
  53. Escorted
  54. Escorting
  55. Enema
  56. Fuckfan
  57. Fanfucked
  58. Fecal
  59. Facentro
  60. Foetal
  61. Fisted
  62. Fist
  63. Fisting
  64. Farm
  65. Flogging
  66. Forcing
  67. Force
  68. Forced
  69. Forcing
  70. Forceful
  71. Forcedbi
  72. Fifteen
  73. Gaping
  74. Golden
  75. Gangbang
  76. Gangbanging
  77. Gangbanged
  78. Gangbangs
  79. Hardsports
  80. Hypno
  81. Hypnotize
  82. Hypnotization
  83. Hypnotizing
  84. Hypnotized
  85. Hooker
  86. Inbreed
  87. Inbreeding
  88. Incapacitation
  89. Incapacitate
  90. Inzest
  91. Incest
  92. Intox
  93. Jail
  94. Jailed
  95. Jailbait
  96. Kidnap
  97. Kidnapped
  98. Kidnapping
  99. Kidnapper
  100. Knocked
  101. Knock
  102. Knocking
  103. Lactation
  104. Lactating
  105. Lactate
  106. Lolicon
  107. Lalita
  108. Menstruate
  109. Menstruating
  110. Menstruation
  111. Menstrual
  112. Manyvids
  113. Medical play
  114. Molested
  115. Molesting
  116. Molest
  117. Meet
  118. Mutilated
  119. Mutilate
  120. Mutilating
  121. Mutilation
  122. Necrophilia
  123. Nigger
  124. Paralyze
  125. Paralyzed
  126. Paralyzation
  127. Pee
  128. Peeplay
  129. Pissed
  130. Poo
  131. Pissing
  132. Piss
  133. Poop
  134. Pooped
  135. Pooping
  136. Pegging
  137. Paddling
  138. Paypal
  139. Passed
  140. Prostitution
  141. Prostitute
  142. Prostituting
  143. Pse
  144. Preteen
  145. Pre-scat
  146. Rapped
  147. Rapping
  148. Rape
  149. Rapist
  150. Restricted
  151. Snuff
  152. Showers
  153. Skat
  154. Strangle
  155. Strangling
  156. Strangled
  157. Suffocate
  158. Suffocation
  159. Suffocated
  160. Teen
  161. Toilet
  162. Torture
  163. Toilet slave
  164. Toilet slavery
  165. Torturing
  166. Tortured
  167. Trance
  168. Twelve
  169. Unconsciousness
  170. Unconscious
  171. Unwilling 
  172. Underage
  173. Vomit
  174. Vomited
  175. Vomiting
  176. Vomino
  177. Venmo
  178. Whipped
  179. Whipping
  180. Watersports
  181. Young
  182. Zoophilia

What Happens to My OnlyFans Account If I Use OnlyFans Restricted Words?

As an OnlyFans user, if you use any restricted word in your bio, caption, comment, or personal chat, your account will get flagged within 24 hours. It may eventually result in a temporary or permanent suspension of your OnlyFans account, depending on factors like the context and intensity of the restricted language.

Whatever the reason for your suspension, the platform will notify you via a detailed email sent to your registered email address. If the platform finds an unintentional or accidental use of restricted words from your side, you will get your account back with a warning notice. In other cases, if you violate the language rules, your OnlyFans account will be permanently suspended. 

If your OnlyFans account has been suspended and you have not received any email regarding the issue, consider taking a guide from the official sources listed below:

If you want to promote OnlyFans, there are a lot of platforms where you could do this and one of them is Reddit, I have mentioned list of subreddits to promote OnlyFans.

How Does My OnlyFans Account Get Suspended After Using Restricted Words?

If an OnlyFans buyer or seller uses a restricted word in their comment, bio, or captions, the platform's automated algorithms immediately identify them. After the identification, your OnlyFans account will get flagged and temporarily terminated until a human employee can review and revise it. 

OnlyFans can be unpredictable at times, and your account may get banned without your knowledge. Therefore, we recommend you stay alert and abide by the platform’s terms of service and privacy policies to stay on the safe side. 

Is It Possible to Get Around OnlyFans Restricted Words?

The answer to your question is, "Yes, it is, but you should not.” You may have seen OnlyFans creators use restricted words by inserting symbols and numbers in between to avoid detection by automated algorithms. For example, write Pi$$ instead of piss or Ch0k3 instead of choke.

Although the trick occasionally works and successfully bypasses the platform's AI detective tools, if it gets discovered, it may result in the permanent and immediate suspension of your account.

P.S. OnlyFans Restricted Words

OnlyFans is unquestionably the best online adult content monetization platform for fostering healthy and long-lasting relationships between creators and models. The platform has established some privacy guidelines that all users must follow to maintain its top-notch standards and emerge as a secure workplace for creators.

As a result, in order to avoid being suspended, OnlyFans users must be aware of the platform's restricted language and content niches. We hope that our list of 180+ OnlyFans restricted words will assist you in maintaining a safe vocabulary on the platform. 

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OnlyFans Restricted Words | A Massive List of 180+ Banned Words on OnlyFans

Aamir Khan is a writer about OnlyFans and other adult subscription platforms. I write for creators.

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