What Are Labels On OnlyFans? How To Make More Money With Labelling Fans

What Are Labels On OnlyFans? How To Make More Money With Labelling Fans

What are labels in OnlyFans? As a creator you can use labels to categorize your content and make more money as a creator.

Discussing labels on OnlyFans? How you can create label of your content and your subscribers? and make more money with it.

Small features could help you make more money. Similarly, some small features on OnlyFans could help increase your earnings by many folds. The reason, better understand your subscribers and upsell your content. One of the features that could help you make more money as a creator is adding labels in OnlyFans.

OnlyFans has features like mass messages, and you can send mass messages to your subscribers (followers), the people you are following, and the labels. In this article, I have also explained how you can use labeling in OnlyFans to make more money with your content.

What are Labels in OnlyFans?

In shopping centers, you might have seen a price Label on different items. The same thing is here on OnlyFans. You add a label on your OnlyFans subscriber.

OnlyFans gives you this feature to create several labels and then assign a label to subscribers.

The labels are a feature in messages only.

OnlyFans has labels for the content, too, where you add different labels to your content and let the subscribers search through your profile by clicking on those labels.

But, the best way to grow your income is by segmenting your followers and then sending a custom PPV to that segmented group of your followers.

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How to create a label in OnlyFans?

Add labels in OnlyFans creator

It is very easy. All you have to do is to click on the subscriber (fan) profile and then click on “add a label.” you can then select a label that you already created and give it a name.

How to use Labels in OnlyFans to make more money?

You can make a lot of money through labeling on OnlyFans. When sending a mass message on OnlyFans, you have the opportunity to send that mass message to one or more selected labels:

You can send that mass message PPV to:

  • Your subscribers.
  • The people you are following.
  • And specific labels.

If you are charging a price for a video PPV of $4.99, but you have the correct labeling, you can send a higher price and the same PPV of $19.99 by labeling fans or subscribers as “rich fans” or “super fans” as super fans or people who invest more money on your content, would buy anything on any price you send them.

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What Are Labels On OnlyFans? How To Make More Money With Labelling Fans

Aamir Khan is a writer about OnlyFans and other adult subscription platforms. I write for creators.

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