How to Promote a Fansly Account? With or Without Showing Your Face

How to Promote a Fansly Account? With or Without Showing Your Face

Discover ways to promote Fansly with or without showing your face and get more subscribers or fans—a detailed Guide.

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Are you a Fansly creator who wants to promote its content to gain buyers? Or are you here to learn the marketing methods for creators who do not want to reveal their identity? In either case, we have got you covered.

Fansly is a rapidly growing platform where millions of adult creators and influencers are launching their careers as digital content sellers. However, you must promote your Fansly account across various platforms to generate organic traffic and traction. 

How to Promote a Fansly Account? With or Without Showing Your Face

how to promote Fansly account

In this blog, we have discussed in detail everything about Fansly, including the process of joining the platform, revenue streams, and promotional methods. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to learn. 

What is Fansly? An Overview

Introduced in 2017, Fansly is a social media service that offers a stage to digital creators, allowing them to sell their pictures and videos. The platform is a subscription service where users must pay a fee to access the content of their favorite models. Although the platform welcomes content creators from all fields, it is used primarily by adult workers and pornographic creators.

Despite its advanced features and interfaces, Fansly struggled to gain the desired traction in its early years. However, in 2021, after OnlyFans announced banning adult content, Fansly rapidly gained popularity overnight. The site has over 150 million users worldwide and receives thousands of sign-ups, establishing their career as X-rated content sellers. 

Fansly is a trustworthy platform that offers creators and buyers a secure service, ensuring a user-friendly interface. Fansly, like OnlyFans, allows creators to monetize their content for free and deducts 20% of their total earnings once they start gaining subscribers.

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How to Make Money on Fansly? 

Whether you want to monetize your content by showing your face or want to work anonymously, the platform offers various revenue streams to everyone. Below is the list of methods you can use to make money on Fansly as a digital creator:

  • Tiered Subscriptions: One of the best and most distinctive features of Fansly is its tiered subscription feature. The option allows creators to set various subscription tiers to accommodate buyers of all types. You can offer different benefits with all tiers, depending on their prices. This way, you can encourage users to upgrade to a higher subscription package in order to access premium content and services. 
  • Paid Content: If you are a beginner-level creator, we encourage you to start with a free Fansly account instead of a paid one to attract an audience. Setting up an unpaid creator’s account does not mean you cannot make money on the platform. Instead, you can upload paid posts where creators have to pay a fixed fee in order to unlock a paid picture, album, or clip.
  • Custom Orders: If a Fansly client wants to see a personalized image or video, they can place custom orders through DMs describing their requirements. The creators may charge a fee of their choosing for these kinds of customized orders. However, you must always demand a realistic price to establish long-term customer relationships.
  • Tips:  Getting tips from your clients is the most fun way to make money on Fansly. You must deliver top-quality content to your subscribers to increase your chances of winning generous tips. 
  • Referral Bonuses: As a Fansly creator, you can have a unique referral code you can share with other creators and buyers. The platform offers a fixed commission every time your referred buyer spends money or if any referred creator makes a sale. 

How to Start Selling Content on Fansly? Step-by-Step Process

The process of selling content on Fansly is similar to other platforms. However, we have described all of the stages below so that you don’t get confused at any point.

Step One: Sign Up For a New Creator Account on Fansly

To create a new creator account on Fansly, you must sign in using your email address or Google ID. Users can also log in using their Twitch or Twitter addresses. Once you have signed in, the platform verifies your age. Remember that to use and monetize content on adult websites like Fansly, you must be at least 18 years of age. 

Step Two: Set Up Your Fansly Creator Account

Once you have logged into your new account, it is time to prepare your profile for the launch. If you are not hiding your identity, you can include your real name in your Fansly account’s display name. On the other hand, those who want to stay anonymous can use a stage name or create a niche-based name for their Fansly profile.

The next part involves selecting a profile and cover image for your brand-new account. If you are starting your Fansly career with a subscription-based Fansly account, your profile image is the only content an interested buyer can view for free. As a result, you must upload one of your best shots to entice users to click the subscribe button.

The last step to finalizing your Fanlsy profile’s look is writing an engaging “About Me” section. This part of your profile serves as your introduction to potential clients. Therefore, you can utilize the bio section to inform the viewers about your content, what makes you unique, and how buying your subscription can benefit them. 

Step Three: Post High-Quality Content

With millions of adult creators entering the content monetization business, competition has become fierce, leaving no room for mediocre or low-quality content. Therefore, if you want someone to buy your content, you must prepare content worth purchasing. 

If you do not have the latest camera or mobile phone to capture high-end content, you must invest in it. In addition, buying advanced photography and lightning equipment can also give your content a premium look. 

However, having advanced tools is not enough if you do not have the skills. Therefore, select a content niche that interests you the most. Furthermore, you must stay current on the latest trends in your content niche and what is most appealing to fans.

So, once you have prepared updated and high-quality content, post it to your Fansly profile for monetization. We recommend you post free-to-view pictures at the beginning of your Fansly career to attract audiences and gradually progress to post pay-to-view content. 

Step Four: Set Subscription Tiers

Once you are done setting up your Fansly account and have posted a few batches of pictures and videos, it is up to you whether or not to charge a fee for your account’s subscription. Although we suggest new creators start with a free-to-view Fansly account, you can create a subscription tier using your creator’s dashboard. Simply click the button to add a subscription tier with your preferred fee.

How to Promote Your Fansly Account if You Show Your Face

Promoting your profile as an adult creator becomes simple and easy if you do not hide your identity or face from your fans. Below are some suggestions about promoting your Fansly page while showing your face.

  • Leverage Social Media: If you do not hide your identity as a Fansly creator, you can utilize your social media accounts to invite your fan base to become your subscribers. Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter are the most commonly used social media channels to promote your Fansly profile.
  • Collaborate with Fellow Creators: You can reach out to other Fansly creators who produce content in your niche and invite them to collaborate with you. Cross promotions are an excellent way of accessing and attracting the fan base of other creators.
  • Buy Paid Promotions: You can invest in paid shoutouts or marketing campaigns for your Fansly profile’s growth. These paid marketing agencies utilize social media channels and other adult sites to help you increase your Fansly fan base.

How to Promote Your Fansly Account if You Do Not Show Your Face

If you do not show your face or identity to your Fansly audience, the promotional process can become a bit challenging for you. However, we have found effective solutions for you. Below is a list of successful promotional methods for creators who maintain their anonymity.

  • Create New Social Media Accounts: As an anonymous creator, you cannot promote your Fansly account through your existing social media accounts. Therefore, you must create new social media profiles with the same username you are using on your Fansly account. 
  • Start a Free Fansly Account: If you want to hide your identity from your community and friends, consider creating a free-to-view Fansly account. Posting unpaid pictures and videos on your account helps you attract potential buyers on the platform.
  • Buy Shoutouts: You can invest in paid promotional methods to market your Fansly account while maintaining anonymity.
  • Collaborate with Other Anonymous Creators: You can reach out to Fansly creators who hide their faces and request collaboration. With them, you can create collaborative content, give shoutouts, host contests, or upload cross-promotional content.
  • Offer Discounts: Another lucrative method of attracting buyers is through offering discounts and bundles. You can promote your discounted offers on your new social media accounts or other adult channels, encouraging buyers to avail of the offer before it expires. 
  • Private Messaging: Sending personalized messages to potential buyers is also an effective way of promoting your Fansly account while maintaining anonymity. Send your Fansly service menu, ongoing discounts, and links to paid posts in the DMs, inviting the recipients to view your exclusive content. 

5 Ways to Promote Fansly:

I will explain each of the ways to promote Fansly in details but first let me list them here:

  1. Social media as a powerful tool to promote Fansly account.
  2. Collaboration (Paid or otherwise)
  3. Paid Advertising
  4. A Free Fansly Account
  5. Sharing your experience on blogs

Watch the video about how to promote Fansly:

1. Promoting Fansly on Social media: 

Social media should be your first choice while promoting Fansly or OnlyFans. TikTok and Instagram are the two best platform but they don';t allow NSFW content while Reddit and X allow NSFW content. You can use X and Reddit to upload short form adult videos or pictures and get more subscribers on Fansly.

It is easy to get more subscribers through social media. We have worked with adult content creators publishing 2 to 3 TikToks everyday and posting more content, we were able to reach over 100 paid subscribers per day from TikTok and Instagram. You can use the same techniques for promoting Fansly page.

2. Collaborating With Other Fansly Creators:

This is one of the best way to get more subscribers. You can create a video with another creator and let them mention you when they upload a video. In some cases, a creator you are collaborating also do the same for getting more exposure working with you. If you are a Female Fansly creator, you can do B/G content and get more subs.

Collabortion always work and adult content creator do it every time.

3. Paid Advertising:

Running Paid ads is one of the best and the fastest way to reach more people and present your page. There are a lot of OnlyFans search engines that provide an opportunity to creators to promote their content.

P.S. How to Promote a Fansly Account? With or Without Showing Your Face

Fansly is a lucrative platform where creators can make serious money by selling their pictures and videos. Whether you want to stay anonymous or reveal your identity, Fansly offers endless earning opportunities to everyone. However, to take full advantage of the platform's various revenue streams, you must first learn how to use them and foster a sense of community among your fanbase.

Moreover, creators must leverage the power of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit to engage audiences. Finally, while the platform is a safe place for adult content monetization, it is recommended that you use a stage personality and conceal your personal information to remain safe.

We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you understand the process of monetizing and promoting your content as a Fansly creator. 

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How to Promote a Fansly Account? With or Without Showing Your Face

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