OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas With Examples | A Comprehensive Guide 

OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas With Examples | A Comprehensive Guide 

What are some of the best OnlyFans Tip Menu ideas with examples? We have discussed everything about Menu Ideas for Creators

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Are you wondering about the services you can include in your OnlyFans tip menu? Do you want to learn how to increase engagement and sales on your OnlyFans menu? In either case, you have landed on the perfect guide. 

With the rapid advancement and fan engagement in the OnlyFans space, it has become mandatory for OnlyFans creators to take a professional approach towards their subscribers. Monetizing a tip menu on your seller profile is an interactive method of informing your fans about your services and inviting them to avail of them. While texting your fans, remember to don't use Restricted Words on OnlyFans, that you should not use these words as using these words in Messages or in PPVs could led to your OnlyFans account suspension.

OnlyFans Tip Menu ideas with examples
OnlyFans Tip Menu ideas with examples

However, crafting a compelling OnlyFans tip menu requires a strategic and intelligent approach. Worry not; we have discussed everything here. From OnlyFans tip menu ideas to methods of creating an engaging one, this guide goes through everything you want to know about the OnlyFans menu. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down till the end. 

OnlyFans Tip Menu: What is It? 

Who said your OnlyFans earnings are just about gaining subscribers and selling PPVs? No one, we believe. With the rapidly growing OnlyFans population and increased number of buyers, new methods for maximizing your income are emerging. For example, you can offer personalized services, become a virtual girlfriend, or offer JOI sessions to win some extra bucks. But how will your OnlyFans community know about your services? You already know the answer: through the tip menu.

An OnlyFans tip menu is like a product catalog where you mention your services and their prices, informing your OnlyFans audience about what to expect from you. Whether you offer sexting services or girlfriend experiences, simply mention it in your OnlyFans top menu to instruct your fans. Just like it is necessary to write a descriptive bio section, you must monetize an attractive OnlyFans tip menu to engage your subscribers and gain maximum profits. 

OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas: The Services You Can Include In a Tip Menu

Although it depends on you to decide about the services you want to offer your audiences, below is a list of tip menu ideas. You can learn about these services and add them to your OnlyFans tip menu based on your comfortability, experience, and schedule.

1. Sexting

You can send intimate text messages to your fans where you make them imagine being with you in a sexual setting. You can set a fixed fee per sexting session or charge per minute. Moreover, you can also send paid images or videos during a sexting session to maximize your profitability. 

As an adult content creator on OnlyFans, you can make a lot of money by OnlyFans sexting. How much you can charge for sexting with fans? I have worked with a lot of adult content creators, they charge $100 per hour sexting with their fans and talking spicy with their fans.

2. Dick Reviews / Dick Rating

Add the dick rating service to your tip menu and make money by giving written, audio, or video reviews of your client’s cocks. The price of a dick rating service gets determined by its depth, details, and genre.  

3. Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

Become a virtual girlfriend and make big bucks for the whole experience. Add hourly or daily GFE service prices to your OnlyFans tip menu. Remember that GFE combines various NSFW and SFW services where you stay active and accompany your virtual partner for the decided time.

4. Custom Images / Videos

If a client wants to see you in a particular costume, theme, roleplay, or setting, they must place a custom order for that. You can add custom content prices to the tip menu so that your community knows how much they will have to pay to see what they want.

5. Worn Clothing

Monetizing your worn clothes, usually, undergarments, is another lucrative method of making a passive income on OnlyFans. You can sell personal items to your OnlyFans subscribers, from your used panties to footwear and lingerie. Add your monetization items with their prices to your OnlyFans tip menu and get orders.

6. Toy Control Sessions

Would you like to give control of your sexual toys to your fans? If yes, they would love to pay for it. In a toy control session, your fan will take control of your automatic dildos and vibrators and watch you go crazy over a live stream.

7. Jerk-Off Instructions (JOI)

Jerk-off instructions are another popular custom service offered by OnlyFans models. Simply create written, audio, or video jerk-off instruction scrips and add them to your tip menu for an extra revenue stream.

8. Findom Sessions

Financial dominance is one of the most hot-selling niches on OnlyFans, where the models dominate their fans emotionally, physically, sexually, and financially. If you are bold enough to dominate your subscribers, monetize your Findom session prices on the tip menu. Moreover, you can also add your Amazon wishlist, minimum tribute, or gift price to your OnlyFans menu in order to inform your submissive on how to please you. 

9. Safe For Work Services

Who said that your OnlyFans tip menu must contain NSFW services only? No one, we believe. Consider adding SFW custom services like birthday wishes, relationship or fitness advice, shoutouts, beauty tips, one-on-one audio or video conversations, etc.

10. Bundles and Offers

Lastly, consider adding bundle offers to your OnlyFans tip menu. Combine various services at a reasonable price to maximize fan engagement on your OnlyFans seller profile.

Tips to Create an Attractive and Engaging OnlyFans Tip Menu

Now that we have gone over the custom services and offers that can be included in your OnlyFans tip menu, let us look at how to expand engagement with it. Follow the tips and methods below to maximize sales through your OnlyFans menu card:

1. Set Realistic, Reasonable, and Correct Prices 

Once you have decided on the services you will monetize on your OnlyFans tip menu, it is time to determine the price for each service. Although there is no set price range for OnlyFans services, and it is up to you to set the prices on your tip menu, it is best to begin with reasonable charges. You can also take inspiration from the service prices of other creators with a similar user base and fan engagement. 

Remember, when searching for OnlyFans tip menus, you will find models charging $5 for entire bundles, while others may ask $50 for a one-hour sexting session. Therefore, determining the perfect pricing for your tip menu services is based on fan engagement, user base, content quality, and personal preferences.

2. Find Free or Custom-Made OnlyFans Tip Menu Templates

Creating a new OnlyFans tip menu may appear challenging, but it is simple. OnlyFans models can access several free tip menu templates and add their services and prices. The free templates are available on websites like Reddit and Pinterest. On the other hand, if you like to get creative and launch a personalized layout for your tip menu, consider hiring a freelancer.

There are a lot of OnlyFans subreddits where you can promote your content and get more fans or subscribers.

You can find millions of talented individuals on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, who can prepare a custom OnlyFans tip menu for your profile. Discuss your requirements, design, services, and prices with your selected freelancer to get the job done. 

3. Keep Your OnlyFans Tip Menu Simple and Clear

When creating your OnlyFans tip menu, you must be drawn to including as many services and bundles as possible. If this is the case, we suggest you reconsider. It is better to keep your OnlyFans menu simple, clear, and concise to help your fans with their decision-making process. Consider visiting a restaurant with a menu filled with hundreds of dishes. Won’t it confuse you to select the perfect dish for yourself? The same goes for your OnlyFans tip menu.

As a result, while variety is recommended in your tip menu, be careful not to overdo it and overload your menu with options. After all, clarity is the king of all games.

4. Ensure You Can Deliver What Is Offered

If you have yet to decide on the services in your OnlyFans tip menu, be specific about them and ensure your availability. For example, if you offer financial dominance services to your OnlyFans audience, ensure you know about the Findom games and methods of dominating your submissives. Similarly, if you are monetizing a girlfriend's experience (GFE) service, you must know what services to include in a GFE and how to keep your audiences engaged. Remember that you must get thoughtful and not include any offer that you won’t be able to provide if a client purchases it.

5. Focus on Maximizing The Visibility Of Your OnlyFans Tip Menu

After you have structured your OnlyFans tip menu, it is time to maximize its visibility and reach potential buyers. Below are a few methods to market your OnlyFans menu on-site and off-site:

  • Pin your tip menu to your OnlyFans seller account to ensure it is the first thing a potential buyer sees when visiting your profile. 
  • You can also pin your OnlyFans menu on social media profiles like Reddit to increase its reach to your followers and interested audiences.
  • Promote your OnlyFans tip menu through on-site and off-site stories so all viewers can see what custom services you offer.
  • You can also promote your OnlyFans tip menu through collaborations and cross-promotions with other sellers.
  • Send your OnlyFans tip menu via mass messages and welcome notes to keep your audience updated on your offers.

6. Interact and Engage With Your OnlyFans Community

If you want to reach the top 0.1% of OnlyFans creators, you must maintain fan engagement within your community. Whether it is your OnlyFans user base or social media following, you must look for various methods of interacting with potential buyers. Promote your tip menu in the DMs and discuss the services you offer. Moreover, write intriguing captions, take feedback, and host live sessions to gain insight into your audience. 

7. Prioritize Quality Service Over Quantity

It may appear lucrative to monetize various NSFW and SFW services in your OnlyFans tip menu to make quick money; however, this may result in a heavy workload and poor service quality. Therefore, always prioritize delivering professional-level services and quality content to your OnlyFans buyers. Moreover, before you add a new service to your tip menu, ensure you practice and master it in order to deliver top-notch experiences.

Examples of Free-to-Use OnlyFans Tip Menu Templates

Below is a list of OnlyFans tip menu example templates you can use for inspiration and create your own. 

Example One:

Tip Menu examples

Example Two:

An example of a Tip Menu

Example Three:

Tip Menu examples with custom ideas

P.S. OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas With Examples | A Comprehensive Guide 

When crafting a tip menu for your OnlyFans seller profile, consider not to go hard on yourself and take things lightly. Remember that you can edit or update the prices and services in your tip menu whenever you want. Therefore, start by adding the services you master and setting reasonable prices. Moreover, active promotions of your tip menu on-site and off-site can help you maximize your reach and engage audiences.

We sincerely hope this detailed guide has helped you with OnlyFans tip menu ideas and methods of crafting an interactive one. 

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OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas With Examples | A Comprehensive Guide 

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